Thursday, July 19, 2007


hi there everyone,

Alec Couros posted the following message on my digital internship blog, and thought it might be relivent to what we are doing in class right now....or kind of relates to digital storytelling. Bellow is the message he posted:

I found a pretty neat resource that might be useful for you. Basically, it lets you upload photos and then link voice clips to each clip. In fact, you can have many voice clips for each photos.In a classroom situation, you could (for example) take photos from a field trip or from class observation ... or even from a class photograph, and then invite some or all of your students to upload their own voice clips to the photo. Click here for more information.


Nickster said...

Opps... i feel like a tool right now. I guess that was the same webpage posted on the course moodle page. My bad.

Shareski said...

Hey don't worry. I think we ought to be reminding and posting on things multiple times. Someone reading this from elsewhere, may have never heard of voicethread. I'm hoping that you'll use this to store ideas and harvest them later as well.