Monday, July 23, 2007

2D Sonogram Vrs. 4D decide

Insomnia seems to be a regular occurrence this past week for me. Its 3:15 and here I sit outside on the swing holding a freeze and wearing a Rambo bandanna. How’s that for a mental picture? Last Tuesday I got a tonsillectomy and my adenoids removed, so I’ve been taking a lot of Tylenol 3, and finding myself a wake most of the night. Oh, and just for the record, I swear I’m not twelve.

All in all, I ensure you this isn’t just a sympathy blog and I do have some reasoning behind my madness :). While looking up information about my tonsil surgery, I found some interesting graphic-filled video’s of what went on in the operating room, and found myself intrigued.

From there went to You Tube and started watching other surgeries and then came across a sonogram, which sparked an idea for one of my internship units in Health/Family Life. In the curriculum guide my co-op gave to me, there is a unit about God’s creations, and how we are brought into this world. A suggested idea is to show the students a picture of a sonogram: black and white fuzz, with motion lines and a possible foot—not very captivating for a grade four audience.

After watching the videos on You Tube I thought it would be incredibly engaging to show the student’s a video or two. In situations like this I love technology, because of its ability to create such a powerful experience.

What is more effective... You be the JUDGE!
This 2D B&W Sonogram

OR this 4D youtube video


thekyleguy said...
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thekyleguy said...

I had similar insomnia last night, we stayed up til around the same time, but mine was induced by my digital story.

In my opinion, youtube is great. It definitely opens a window to the world. We are television generation and makes sense that our students will captivated by video presentation.

Shareski said...

Glad your time wasn't wasted. Now get to bed! ;)

Brian said...

Night and day. Excellent I hope your feeling better. Brian