Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I came across a Kids Congress website in my rrs feed's and found it extremely interesting. This is a site that is run by students and deals with issues that they are passionate about. It reminds me of a student radio or news station.

It is definitely worth checking out, as it really shows what students are capable of creating (with of course the help for a willing teacher). The students also included podcasts and a blog for the issues.

So this brings me to my idea, tell me what you think:

I am interning in a grade four class and my friend is interning in a high school. I thought we could possibly create some kind of peer-support blog, similar to this one. My students could talk about issues such as cyber bullying and the high school students (gr 11's for example) could research and offer advice. It does not have to be limited to that issue, but could branch off to other things such as the environment, peer pressure, etc.


Stepa said...

Helpful and Interesting website. It is noticeable that kids are contributing freely and willingly. Good way to involve kids that are”left behind” in the school’s social life and connect them with their peers. I will try to use this method in my class.

Brian said...

awesome idea because kids listen to kids they only listen to us cause they have to. hahaha Anyway yeah starting up a mentoring program would work wonders. Brian