Monday, August 6, 2007

Cyber Bullying

Last week in ECMP 455 we discussed the issues related to cyber bullying, and how it is a major issue that many of our students will be facing. I believe that we need to discuss these issues with students so they know how to deal with the situation that they may one day face. Below are some video's I have collected that we could show our students to help them build a better understanding of what cyber bullying is, and way's to handle it.

Click here to view the above video


Crystal said...

I definitely agree that cyber bullying needs to be talked about in schools. In high school I remember learning a lot about bullying- but teachers either failed to leave out or didn't think it was necessary to talk about cyber bullying. I think that cyber bullying is just as bad as bullying face-to-face. Imagine a happy 14 year old excited to open his email to find a letter from a friend, but instead he finds a letter saying how horrible he is. This would for sure undermine a child's confidence. Or even this, a happy 14 year old logs onto his MSN account only to get 5 instant messages saying bad things. It would be extremely hard to pick up on cyber bullying I think too, because parents do not always mediate computer usage. Cyber bullying can happen so easily when we really think about it. I really like the video that Dean posted about it. Those little girls who are bashing each other in front of everyone, then at the end gives the solid note - "you wouldn't say it to their face." How true is that. It is so much easier to type something completely horrible rather then saying it. The topic of cyber bullying is one that really makes me a bit nervous for when i start my teaching career!

Brian said...

This can be worse then physical bullying because it attacks the kids in their homes where every child should feel safe. That's the scary thing. Brian