Sunday, August 19, 2007

Collaborative project--review

I enjoy doing assignments when i know they are going to benefit me in the future, so I had no problem putting time into this Arts Ed wiki. I hope to see more people collaborate on this resource along the way, and watch it develop into something bigger. As for now, i believe it is a good starting point, but could have a lot more.

It would have been nice to team up with more then one classmate, but for the time we had, I suppose we were able to gather a fair amount of information.

I never created a wiki before so it was rewarding when I would see my assignment develop from others rather then just myself; Two heads, i suppose, are better then one.

Overall, I am not that big of a fan of wet paint as a program, mainly because of the limitations and restricts it has. I enjoy being able to have a little more freedom with the appearance and layout of my page. I also did not like all the adds that were on my page, and wish there was some way to delete them.

I will continue collaborating with others throughout my teaching experience, and finding ways to involve my students in a similar situation.

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